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Devine Intervention SH – Sired by the legendary De Niro, our of  PM Romanesque MLW (Blue Hors “Glock’s” Romanov)

This is the third colt out of our mare Romanesque sired by De Niro, as this cross has been producing naturally athletic, top quality colts each time.

World famous sire De Niro needs no introduction. I love love love De Niro offspring and I have bred several. Combined with our beautiful Premium mare Romanesque, this colt has a bright future ahead of him.

We believe this naturally talented colt should be an outstanding dressage prospect capable of reaching the highest levels of dressage sport.

As of May 21, 2020, Devine Intervention now belongs to Tracy McDermott. He will be heading to Colorado. Congratulations Tracy, we wish you much happiness and success with your new partner “Devon”.


Stunning Hanoverian gelding Faelen SH (Fabregas / Longchamp).

Faelen SH was born in 2015. As a late  three year old, Faelen made his way to Florida to be professionally started by Prosperity Farms with Andrea Hayden. In the young horse program that Andrea and her team at Prosperity Farms developed, Faelen  flourished into a confident young riding horse with a bright futures.

Faelen has been sold to Anne Wiley and now resides at Quail Valley Farm in Georgia, USA.

Faelen is sired by Fabregas out of our Imported mare Laura by Longchamp.

Fabregas was Dressage Reserve Champion of his Adelheidsdorf 70-day performance test in 2009 with a result of 134.27 points. He was imported to Canada by Parkwood Stables in 2011, and competed with Inga Hamilton right up through the levels to Grand Prix in 2019 – all the while maintaining an active breeding schedule.

Fabregas was purchased in November 2019 by Oakwood Farms, and will stand the 2020 season in Lawrenceburg, IN at the farm.

He has produced numerous champions at inspections and shows in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States, consistently passing on his correctness, typey looks, elasticity and beautiful gaits. Fabregas has two licensed sons and a number of State Premium mares, which underscores this stallion’s impressive quality.

Fabregas is the immensely charming son of the duplicate World Champion Florencio, who set standards with his victory scores of 9.5 and 9.8. Based on his own performance and heritability, Florencio is one of the most interesting sires on the European dressage stage. Sire’s sire Floristan has ranked in the top 10 WBFSH Dressage Sire Rankings for 9 years in a row now. Dam’s sire De Niro was again in 2017 ranked #1 in the WBFSH Dressage Sire Rankings.

Fabregas’s early years of breeding overseas resulted in top awarded foals in Great Britain and Germany. Fabregas came to Canada in December 2011, beginning his North American breeding career in 2012. His first North American foals hit the ground in 2013.

In 2019, three of his foals were awarded the coveted “Gold Medal Foal” designation in the US and in Canada.

Oakwood Farms is thrilled to have Fabregas join our breeding program and continue his sport career with new owner Meg Williams. His winning temperament and exceptional quality will no doubt make him an invaluable asset to the farm and to the next generations of sport horses in North America.

We look forward to updates from Anne on Faelen’s future progress.

Dakari SH born May 3, 2018

This is our second colt sired by the legendary De Niro, out of our of gorgeous Premium mare Romanesque MLW (Blue Hors “Glock’s” Romanov / Donnerhall). We are super excited to have another colt from this fantastic cross of De Niro to Romanesque.

Dakari has been sold to Terry and her daughter Karen and is heading to PA, USA.

Congratulations Terry and Karen. We wish you much success and happiness with Dakari.

Awarded Top Hanoverian foal in Canada 2016, our colt Domanov SH
( De Niro / Blue Hors “Glock’s” Romanov )

Awarded Champion foal of his site inspection, later to be announced the top foal in Canada for year 2016: this impressive colt sired by De Niro out of our Premium Hanoverian mare Romanesque MLW (Blue Hors Romanov), has been sold and will be moving to a gorgeous Dressage training facility in Vermont. Congratulations to his new owner Anne who has purchased Domanov in hopes of training him up to the high levels of Dressage.

Videos of colt Domanov (De Niro / Romanov):

Beautiful De Nada (De Niro / Longchamp)
De Nada born in 2012, is the full sister to our Detyana. De Nada has been sold to Andrea Hayden in Florida. These pictures (below) are of De Nada and us, taken at the 2012 Hanoverian Inspection. Although we did not win, we were honoured again by making the top five call back of 20 plus foals presented.
This cross of Laura to De Niro has given us fantastic foals, every time.
Pictures below show De Nada all grown up, in her new Florida pasture.
Click on the picture to see them full size. Congratulations Andrea.
De Nada will truly be missed.

DeNada2DeNada3DeNada1 (2)
Deshmina DOB: April 17, 2011 – sired by Danone I (De Niro / Weltmeyer / Bolero) out of our mare Laura.
Superior Dressage Breeding makes up this lovely Hanoverian Mare. With Bloodlines of De Niro (Donnerhall) / Weltmeyer (World Cup I) and Bolero on the sire’s side, and her dam’s pedigree of Longchamp (Laurie’s Crusador), Maurice (Matcho AA), this mare has been bred for dressage.  Picture below is Deshmina and I, at the 2011 Hanoverian Inspection of Eastern Ontario held at Southlane Farm. Although Deshmina did not win the inspection, we were honoured to be called back in the top five out of over twenty foals presented.
Deshmina with Lea at the 2011 Hanoverian Inspection of Eastern Ontario held at Southlane Farm.
Deshmina at the 2011 Hanoverian Inspection of Eastern Ontario held at Southlane Farm. Photo credit thanks to: Mary White
Photo credit thanks to: Mary White of Lone Oak Equine Photography
Video link below is of Deshmina as a foal September 2011 at the Hanoverian Foal Inspection.
Picture above: Deshmina age 3 years – taken July 26, 2014.
August 30, 2014 – Deshmina had been sold to Caroline, a dressage rider / breeder from PA, USA.
Novemer of 2016 – Due to unforeseen circumstances, Deshmina has been re-homed to Andrea Hayden in Florida! Deshmina and De Nada have been reunited. We are so pleased Andrea purchased Deshmina. Thank you Andrea.
High Tide (Harvard / Laura)
We are pleased to announce that on May 22, 2014 our lovely mare Laura gave birth to a beautiful Colt sired by the Hanoverian Stallion Harvard (Hohenstein x Cardinal). He is dark bay like his mom with a beautiful head, nice straight legs, very strong and healthy. We are very pleased yet again with the offspring out of our mare Laura. This cross of Laura with Harvard is lovely. This foal is already spoken for.
Congratulations to Kim and Brian of Ont, Can !
Harvard foal - photo (2)
Pictured below is Denchampira “AKA” Diva.
Diva who was born on May 9, 2008 is sired by De Niro out of our mare Laura. She is the full sister to two of our young horses, Detyana and De Nada.
On July 31, 2008 Denchampira “Diva” was awarded Champion Filly at her site Inspection under Dr. Ludwig Christmann – Deputy Breeding Director for the Hanoverian Verband.

Pictured here is Denchampira "Diva" wearing the ribbon she was awarded at the Hanoverian Foal Inspection on July 31, 2008.

Pictured here is Denchampira “Diva” wearing the ribbon she was awarded at the Hanoverian Foal Inspection on July 31, 2008.

Here is a video link to Denchampira “Diva” trotting through the snow. She is a lovely mare who will be missed by us when she goes.
Diva has been sold to Marie-Jose’e of Quebec City, to pursue a dressage career. “Diva” is currently in training with Alain Provencher. We look forward to seeing Marie-Jose’e and her beautiful mare “Diva” in the show ring.
Below are pictures of Diva as a late two year old with her new owner Marie-Jose’e.
Luna oct 2010 017Denchampira "Diva" with her new owner Marie-Jose'e Bourassa.

Diva and Marie - Jose'e. Such a pleasure to see our lovely mare and Marie - Jose'e working towards their Dressage goals.

Diva now age five, and Marie – Jose’e. Such a pleasure to see our lovely mare and Marie – Jose’e working towards their Dressage goals.

Update: Marie-Jose’e and her lovely mare Denchampira “Diva” competed at Beaulieu Dressage Classic Gold show on August 17, 18 / 2013.
This was their first dressage event. I am pleased to announce that they were the training level Champions for the weekend.
Pictured below: Rob and myself holding up the many red ribbons won by our lovely mare and her owner Marie-Jose’e. We were happy to be there to watch  and cheer them on !
Pictured below is Bravado who was born on April 24, 2010 sired by Bellissimo M (Bolero) out of our mare Laura.
Bravado, also in the Top Five at his site Inspection, was sold at only two months of age,  to Margaret of Schomberg Ontario who purchased Bravado for a potential stallion prospect and dressage horse.

Bravado (Belissimo M / Laura) pictured here at age four months.

Bravado (Belissimo M / Laura) pictured here at age four months.

Bravado 062
Pictured below is Bergren, a colt born on May 3rd, 2006 sired by Bergamon (Baryshnikov “Bolero”) out of our mare Laura.
Bergren was selected as Best Colt on August 9th 2006 at his VhW Inspection in Vankleek Hill.  Dr. Ludwig Christmann, Deputy Breeding Director of the German Hanoverian Verband thought the cross of Bergamon (Baryshnikov) with Laura (Lauries Crusador / Longchamp blood) was excellent, producing a modern dressage type with a lovely head, strong frame, nice straight legs, nice shoulder and topline, and correct and elastic movement.
Bergren has been sold to Nadia and Allen of Orangeville Ontario, as a potential stallion and dressage prospect.

Bergren (Bergamon / Laura) at the 2006 Hanoverian Inspection where he was awarded Top Colt.

Bergren (Bergamon / Laura) at the 2006 Hanoverian Inspection where he was awarded Top Colt.

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