Custom foal options:

Serenity Hanoverians does offer clients the opportunity of a Custom Foal option.

How does this work?

For a custom foal, we will agree on which mare to breed to the Hanoverian Approved stallion of your choosing . An agreed price is reached for the custom foal, a contract and deposit is secured before the semen is purchased and the mare is bred.

The contract that is in place, secures the client’s interest in the custom foal and outlines the terms and payments agreed upon between the seller and the buyer.

*Please note we do have the right to refuse a stallion choice if we do not think it is a good match (this will be discussed ahead of signing the contract).

Things to consider when chosing your stallion:

*Compatability with the mare* choose a stallion that will be compatible with the mare and what you are trying to produce. We are happy to assist you with this.

*The stallion must be approved for breeding with the Hanoverian Verband*


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