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December 2016 – The Hanoverian International Magazine is released and we are on page 22 for the Canadian Tour! It is announced that our colt Domanov SH (De Niro / Romanov) was the¬†highest scored dressage bred foal of the entire tour! His new owner in Vermont is very pleased. ūüôā

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November 1, 2016

Our beautiful mare De Nada, has arrived safely in Florida where her new owner Andrea has been patiently waiting for her. Congratulations Andrea! We look forward to De Nada’s future as you develop her talents!

Pictures below (sent to me courtesy of her new owner) show beautiful De Nada after a good roll in her lovely new paddock in Florida. We are so relieved her trip and transition was uneventful. Please click on the photo so see them properly.

DeNada1 (2)DeNada2DeNada3

August 28, 2016

Our beautiful De Niro / Romanaov colt was awarded Champion foal at his site inspection. We are super pleased with this high quality colt.

Domanov has been sold to a lovely lady named Anne in Vermont, USA.

Anne is hoping to develop Domanov (pet name “Manny” ) as a dressage mount and potential stallion prospect! Congratulations Anne!


August 12, 2016

We have confirmed that our lovely mare Laura, is In Foal for 2017 to Rotspon!¬† We are very pleased! ūüôā



2016 Foaling Season has arrived!

lea's iphone 009Tatiana 006

Left picture above: June of 2016, our beautiful colt by De Niro out of PM Romanesque (Romanov) arrived!

Picture on right: May of 2016, our filly by Totilas out of PM Detyana (De Niro ) has arrived!

August 2015:

So, another breeding season has come to an end. Although it was touch and go in the beginning, we were successful in the end as we have two confirmed pregnancies for 2016.

2016 should be an exciting spring!

PM Detyana (De Niro) expected to foal in mid May 2016 to Totilas.



Premium Mare Candidate Romanesque MLW (Blue Hors “Glock’s” Romanov) expected to foal in mid June of 2016 to De Niro.



We are excited about these two In Utero foals for 2016! ¬†ūüôā

June 2015:

Welcome to the world! On June 14 at 12:10 AM – our Imported mare Laura (by Longchamp) delivered her beautiful bay colt sired by Fabregas (Florencio / De Niro). Easy delivery, mare passed placenta within 40 mins of delivery. As usual Laura gave us a lovely colt, very pretty, strong and very straight for a new born, up on his feet with good stability in 40 mins, meconium passed, first pee, nursing on his own… All the check marks in place within two hours. Way to go guys! This colt will be for sale, we hope to see him go to someone who has a desire to show him as a dressage horse as he is bred to do just that!



Update on our 2011 Filly Deshmina who was sired by Danone I out of our beautiful mare Laura.

I am happy to say that our beautiful Deshmina who was born in 2011, sired by Danone I out of our mare Laura (Longchamp) is doing very well with her new owner Caroline in PA, USA.
Caroline kindly sent me these lovely pictures of her on Deshmina at their first dressage show together. I am pleased to say they did fantastic! It was a two day show judged by two licensed USEF “S” dressage judges.

On Saturday, they received 67.5 % in open div. tr…aining level test 3, 65.74 % in open div. first level test 1. On Sunday they received 71.59 % !! in open div. training level test 3 and 63.14 % in open div. first level test 1. To top this all off, there was a few First Place ribbons!

I am so pleased with this partnership of Deshmina and Caroline. As you can see, it is off to a fantastic start. Caroline is bringing Deshmina along very well. Thank you Caroline

photo 1photo 2

On May 2, 2015 – just before midnight, we had the pleasure of delivering the first foal out of our Premium Mare Candidate, Detyana (De Niro / Longchamp).
Detyana delivered a beautiful colt sired by the lovely and talented dressage stallion Bordeaux  (United / Gribaldi / Donnerhall).

This exciting cross of Bordeaux with Detyana (De Niro) should prove to be a top candidate for an FEI quality “future dressage horse”. Although this foal is not ours as we leased Detyana out on an “on farm breeding lease”, we do hope to be able to watch this foal develop as he grows. His owner Andrea who is a fellow breeder in Florida, has high hopes for this foal’s future as do we.

Congratulations Andrea on your lovely Bordeau / De Niro colt who has been named:

“Braveheart P”.

We are very pleased with this colt and the bright future that lays ahead for him.

bonfirephoto2       bonfirephoto

Braveheart P

On September 6, 2014 we presented our mare Romanesque “Paris” at the Hanoverian Inspection and Mare Performance¬†Test that was held in Vankleek Hill Ontario.

We are very pleased to announce that Paris scored very well and was awarded the 1A prize!
Paris is now a Premium Mare Candidate. We are very pleased!
Pictures and video link below of Romanesque (Paris) during her mare inspection and performance test.

Romanesque (Paris) at liberty during her MPT year 2014.Paris-1A

Romanesque (Paris) at liberty during her MPT year 2014.

Romanesque (Paris) Free Jumping part of her MPT year 2014.

Romanesque (Paris) Free Jumping part of her MPT year 2014.

Romanesque (Paris) under saddle during her MPT year 2014.

Video of Romanesque:

On July 31, 2014 our foundation mare Laura (Longchamp), was bred to Fabregas  (Florencio I / De Niro) owned by Ted and Elaine Parkinson and ridden by Inga Hamilton.

Fabregas’s pedigree has some of the best Bloodlines in Europe with his sire Florencio (Floristan), Dam Sire De Niro (Donnerhall) and also the famous Weltmeyer.

Fabregas was Dressage Reserve Champion of his Adelheidsdorf 70 day performance test in 2009 with a result of 134.27 points.

Laura is confirmed In Foal for a June 2015 arrival. This foal will be for sale, please contact us if you are interested in this upcoming well bred dressage prospect to be!

Pictured below: sire Fabregas and dam Laura.

Please visit our for sale link for more information on this upcoming foal!

Fabregas (Florencio I / De Niro)

Fabregas (Florencio I / De Niro)


Imported form Germany, Laura
(Longchamp / Maurice)


On May 30, 2014 our lovely De Niro / Longchamp mare Detyana, was bred to the beautiful Dutch stallion Bordeaux  (United /Gribaldi/Donnerhall) owned by Joop van Uytert and Paul Schockemohle.

This lovely dark bay stallion was champion of the 2009 KWPN Stallion licensing in Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Detyana is safely confirmed In Foal at this point. We are thrilled with this cross and the owner of this ‚Äúfoal to be‚ÄĚ who is a fellow breeder in Florida, is anxiously waiting for her new arrival for Spring of 2015. This is very exciting.


Bordeaux (United / Gribaldi / Donnerhall)



Detyana (De Niro / Longchamp)

Braveheart P

May 22, 2014: We are pleased to announce that our lovely mare Laura gave birth to a beautiful Colt sired by the Hanoverian Stallion Harvard. He is dark bay like his mom with a beautiful head, nice straight legs, very strong and healthy. We are very pleased yet again with the offspring out of our mare Laura. This cross of Laura with Harvard is lovely. This foal is spoken for.

Harvard foal - photo (2)


April 6, 2014: Rob and I had the pleasure to attend the AGM for the Hanoverian Breeder’s Club of Eastern Ontario. It was a full day with a tour of the RCMP breeding station in Packenham Ont beginning at 10:00 AM.¬†At 12:30 we had a¬†light lunch which was followed by the meeting and elections for the club proceeded by an¬†awards presentation. To sum it all off, we ended the day with a trip to the RCMP Musical Ride Stables in Ottawa. At the RCMP Stables we got to see Oracle, a son of our stallion Geronimo¬†who was foaled in 1996 out of a RCMP¬†Thoroughbred broodmare . Oracle has been active in the Musical Ride for¬†twelve years.

Oraclephoto (5)

Meet Oracle. Born in 1996, Oracle has been an active RCMP horse on the Musical Ride for the past twelve years. Oracle was sired by our stallion Geronimo.

Aside from getting to visit with Oracle, the high points of the day for us was getting to see many friends we normally only see at the Hanoverian Inspections. We recieved an award at the AGM for our Mare Detyana who was the  High Scoring Mare at  the Hanoverian Mare Performance Test that was held at Southlane Farm in Vankleek Hill this past September. The award was a beautiful framed and matted photo of Rob and I with our mare Detyana from Mary White РLone Oak Equine Photography.

Below is the picture that was used in the matted frame with a lovely engraved name plate


Detyana (De Niro / Longchamp) high scoring mare of the 2013 Mare Performance Test and Mare show held at Southlane Farm in Vankleek Hill.

On November 10, 2013 – Rob and I went to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. We were happy to see Ty ( Larchway Garon ) who was sired by our Stallion Geronimo at the Royal showing in the Cup Classes. Ty was with his owner Cindy Elgie and breeder Stephanie Dowden – Rathwell who purchased Ty’s dam On Wing’s of Eagles from us, and bred her to Geronimo via Frozen Semen producing Ty. Cindy purchased Ty from Stephanie.

Pictures¬†below¬†are of ¬†Ty’s beautiful face and one of Ty,¬†Cindy and myself¬†(Lea).

Typhoto (3) Ty2photo (4)

 On Friday September 13, 2013 РRob and I took our lovely mare Detyana ( De Niro / Laura ) to Vankleek Hill at South Lane farm, to attend the Hanoverian Mare Inspection, Mare Performance Test and Mare Show.

We are pleased to announce that our lovely Detyana Won both her Mare Performance test and the mare show.

Photo below taken at Hanoverian Inspection: Photo Credit Thanks to: Kim Mather.

MareInspect0081A Detyana (1)

Detyana received the following scores:

Р 7.5 Jumping with an 8 for Scope over fences.

Under saddle: 7.5 walk / a strong 7 for Trot / 8 for Canter / 8 for Rideability  = Overall Score of  7.75.

Detyana was awarded two Lovely ribbons for High Scoring Mare and Champion Mare, a framed Photo from Mary White – Lone Oak Equine Photography, a Stall Plaque, and the title of Hanoverian Premium Candidate which up until this year was know as Elite Mare Candidate which will then be upgraded to Hanoverian Premium Mare (Elite Mare) once she produces a Hanoverian foal of her own.

We were pleased to have¬† Dr. Ludwig Christmann “Deputy Breeding Director” for the Hanoverian Verband here this year, to¬†judge the¬†inspection¬†along with Inga Hamilton who was also the test rider for the day.

As usual, the inspection was run very well thanks to Joe and Louise Palmer.

What a great day for us and our beautiful mare, Detyana.

Here is the Vimeo link to our big day! Please feel free to watch our lovely mare during her Inspection:

Pictured Below: Detyana with us and her dam Laura back in 2009 when she won her foal inspection. It is nice to see her now win her Mare Performance Test and Mare Show. Way to go Detyana.

Rob and Lea at the 2009 Hanoverian Inspection seen here with our mare Laura and her De Niro Filly Detayna. Detyana won top filly and top foal overall in 2009.

Rob and Lea at the 2009 Hanoverian Inspection seen here with our mare Laura and her De Niro Filly Detayna. Detyana won top filly and top foal overall in 2009.

On August 17, 18 weekend of 2013, Rob and I travelled to Rigaud Quebec to the Beaulieu Dressage Classic,¬†Gold Level Dressage Show.We had the pleasure to watch our mare Denchampira A.K.A. “Diva” who we sold to Marie – Jose’e Bourassa, compete for the first time.

This was their first dressage event, and I am pleased to announce that they were the training level Champions for the weekend.

Many red ribbons and smiles, with very good scores. We were happy to be there to watch and cheer them on.

Below is¬†a picture of our beautiful friend Marie – Jose’e on her lovely mare Diva. We are so very proud of them.

We had the honor of being asked to stand in for the photo, and hold up the ribbons for them. We are so happy for them and us.

Beaulieu Dressage Classic. August 17, 18 2013.

Beaulieu Dressage Classic.
August 17, 18 2013.

July 2013 – We are pleased to announce that our lovely mare Laura is confirmed In Foal to the well known Hanoverian stallion Harvard.

Harvard is an Imported Hanoverian Stallion who has sired many foals in Canada / USA / Europe. He is a versatile stallion as he has produced not only dressage horses but many successful hunters as well.

This foal will be for sale and is due to arrive in May of 2014. We welcome all inquiries so please feel free to contact us about this future foal.

Hanoverian Stallion Harvard  sired by . Hohenstein (who was sired by Caprimond)

Hanoverian Stallion Harvard
sired by Hohenstein (who was sired by Caprimond)

See Panagea Farm’s website for more information on Harvard:

See video link of Harvard here:


August 18 & 19, 2012 –¬†¬†Rob and I travelled to Rigaud Quebec to the Beaulieu Dressage Classic,¬†Gold Level Dressage Show with our lovely Hanoverian gelding Strawinskij ( Wink as we call him around home).

We met up with my coach Susanne Dutt – Roth and the rest of the Rideauwood group who were there competing as well.

Wink and I competed at Third level and did quite well. Over the weekend we gained some ribbons to bring home and ended with our last class of the weekend being our top score of 64.231 %. We recieved  a first place ribbon and we were awarded Third Level Reserve Champion Adult Amature.

We did manage to recieve good enough scores to recieve our horse and rider silver medal awards, through Equine Canada for Third Level.

This was a nice end to the weekend which was quite wet I must say. It rained and rained! Wink took it very well and being 19 years old, he will be retiring from showing. It was a nice way to end our competition season.

Lea and Strawinskij at the end of the weekend at the Beaulieu Gold Dressage Classic Yr. 2012. Lea and Strawinskij compteted at Third Level and had a great weekend with the crew from Rideauwood Farm and coach Susanne Dutt-Roth. Photo credit thanks to: Robert Roy.

Many thanks go out to my Coach Susanne Dutt-Roth and Daniel Kehres for assisting me with Wink. You guys are the best! I also want to thank Marianne Fizet for reading my test. At the end of the weekend, it was hard to keep it all straight. Lol

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